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Musically Optimized Performance

Pace DJ is the exercise app for iPhone and iPod Touch, which helps runners, walkers, and cyclists attain breakthrough fitness results by creating music mixes that help them synchronize their feet with the music that they love.


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Set Your Target Exercise Pace

PaceDJ determines the tempo of each song saved on your iPhone or iPod Touch, based on its beats per minute (BPM). The app allows you to set your target exercise pace, either in steps or rotations per minute.

The app creates customized pacing playlists drawn from the music you have saved in your iPhone or iPod Touch music library.

Mixes are comprised of songs with BPMs that closely match your target exercise pace.


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Synchronize Your Steps

You can synchronize your steps with the song’s tempo, a powerful source of motivation. PaceDJ enables runners, walkers, and cyclists maintain their optimum pace.

PaceDJ 1.3 requires iOS4.0 or later on iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPod Touch 3rd or 4th generations.


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PaceDJ totally motivates me to run faster and go farther.

– Sharon

PaceDJ is instant motivation for running. Once I had a boring run; now it’s like I’m starring in my own music video.

– Matt

Awesome! The music keeps me on pace AND makes my workouts more fun!

– Beatrice

It’s like you taught a stopwatch how to dance!

– Chad

When PaceDJ creates a custom-tempo mix for my workout, I can run faster and longer. Seriously.

– Amy